Don’t Leave That GPS Out For Everyone To See

I don’t get it. Not one bit. Why do some people continue to leave valuable and visible stuff in their car? Take for example GPS devices which a lot of people tend to leave out in the open. Why they do it? I guess part of it is because:

-they don’t feel like a GPS is as costly as it once was
-they are insured so figure what’s the worst that can happen

There are a few problems though. First off, having a visible GPS sends out a signal. It gives a hint to anyone looking for a good “steal” that there might be something valuable in your car. If someone left a GPS in the open, they might be careless about other stuff as well right? So if a thief is looking at a few dozen cars, do you really want to have the one car that sticks out as a potential “treasure”?

Another important thing to consider is that even though the GPS might be in your car, chances are that it’s not currently covered by your car insurance. In many cases it can be, if you ask for it and pay a premium but as a general rule, I’d say that you can assume that it’s not. As a rule of thumb, I’d assume that things in your car are NOT insured rather than the opposite. If you want to make sure, you can simply give your insurance company a call to ask it, and adjust your policy if needed and if possible.

I personally would NOT leave my GPS or any other valuable item in the open, simply because I prefer my car to remain fairly low key.

I did get my SLR camera stolen from my car a few years ago, to this day I have no idea how they found it, as it was hidden under a seat. It was a major mistake even leaving it there and I’m obviously much more careful now. First thing is that if I do need to leave something in the car, I will put it in the trunk BEFORE getting to my parking location. There’s no better invite to a thief than taking an item or bag into the car, trying to hide it.

Have you ever had an item stolen from your car? If so, what and how did it happen?

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