When Renting A Car, Would An Accident End Up On My Record And Affect My Insurance Premium?

This is a question that we received, a very good one I might add. There is unfortunately no clear answer to this from what I was told. When renting a car, two common choices are to get insurance from the rental company or to charge the rental to a credit card that offers such coverage.

In all cases, a minor incident that does not end up requiring further investigation will usually not have an impact. However, any collision that would end up being reported and included into your driver record would likely become available by the time you are either trying to renew your current insurance or find a new one.

One thing that I could not find is regarding international accidents as I did not find how such incidents would end up being reported to your insurance company.

Since you have the same downside, I would urge you to check with your car insurance company to make sure if you might already have coverage when renting a car. Many drivers end up paying for insurance that is not even needed since they are often already insured in one way or another.

What are your thoughts? Do you take insurance from the rental company?

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